Monday Motivation





Welcome to another beautiful Monday morning! Maybe you’re snowed or “iced” in like me or maybe you braved the ice storm of 2018 and are headed to work. Either way we all need some motivation to not just make it through another week but to OWN this week! You can let your week own you or you can choose to own your week. There’s no in between. Owning your week means owning your time. So how in the world do you own your time? Well here’s some steps I follow to help me own my time. 

  1. Go to bed EARLY. Make it your goal to be in bed by 9:30pm. The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night. If your mind and body aren’t well rested to take on the day then there’s no hope in you being on top of your game and owning your week let alone your time. 
  2. Get up one hour earlier than normal to take some time to yourself. During the first fifteen minutes of the hour make sure you stretch and drink one whole bottle of water. (This is how you wake up your body and brain.) Use the next forty-five minutes to pray,  read the Bible and/or do your devotions. 
  3. Give yourself two fifteen minute brain breaks throughout the day. Your brain break can be taking a power nap, doing something on your phone, reading or even watching tv. Allow your mind to be refreshed throughout the day. 
  4. This is my most crucial and important step: Make a to-do list for your week. I live by my weekly to-do list. Take the time to sit down and prioritize your week in the form of a to-do list and then stick to it. I like to type up my to-do list on my laptop, since I always have it with me, and then I erase or check off the things that I accomplish. You’d be so surprised at how rewarding it feels to check off the tasks on your list. 

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain 

I hope you OWN this week!

November Reads And Reviews

After each month I’m going to give you some books that I’ve read that month with a short little review for each one. Since I’m a book worm with a busy schedule I try to read 4-5 books a month. During a crazy month (like December) I hardly make it through one book. It all depends on the level of craziness going on in my life. My favorite time to read is in bed at night right before I fall asleep. There’s something about the quiet bedroom and the comfort of a good book to melt the stress of the day away. 

Here’s a few quick reviews of the books that I read in November:

  1. What Happens When Women Say Yes To God by Lysa Terkeurst  


This was a really encouraging read. Lysa Terkeurst is one of my favorite Christian author and speaker, so anything she puts out is bound to be good and genuine. I love the way that she tells her own personal stories throughout the book. There is a great study that goes along with this book.

2. The Dollhouse by Fiona Davis 


I fell in LOVE with this fiction novel! Fiction isn’t normally this cup of tea but I just loved this book so much. It kept my attention and suspense throughout the whole story. The storyline is so good! I love anything to do with the jazz period and especially anything to do with vintage New York City. Fiona Davis has become one of my favorite fiction writers. I’ve already purchased another one of her books to read called The Address. I’m so excited to jump into that one!

3. Anxious For Nothing by Max Lucado  


This was a great inspirational book. I struggle with anxiety and this book gave a lot of great facts about anxiety and gave a good understanding of the word from the Bible’s point of view. The only critique I would give this book is that it ended just a little awkwardly. It felt like there wasn’t much closure to the book. This is still a read that I would recommend to anyone struggling with anxiety. 

4. The Difference Maker by Nelson Searcy  


This is a really great book that leaves you with some awesome challenges. I recommend this book to any Christian that is struggling to invite people to church or tell their friends and family about their faith. My church did a seminar on this based on this book and it left me with some great information and strategies for sharing Jesus. 

Calling All Cookie Dough Lovers… And Everyone Else

If you know me, you know I’m a foodie. (How twenty-first century of me, I know.) I LOVE food. Go on, judge all you want. One of my guilty pleasures is eating raw cookie dough. Most of the time I’d rather have the cookie dough than the actual baked cookies. I love the softness and then the crunch of the chocolate chips that are sprinkled throughout….mmmm… Anyway, sometimes I’m just too impatient to wait for the cookies to actually bake before devouring them. Sometimes I actually plan on eating the cookie dough when I buy it. 

Okay, so what’s with all this cookie dough talk? The point of cookie dough is that it’s raw. It hasn’t hit it’s peak point, which would be when it’s done baking. I enjoy cookie dough before it hits its peak point. I feel like this is how God delights in His people. Especially those who are new believers or those who have strayed from God. It’s so easy for us to feel unworthy- which we are. But, the beautiful thing about God is that He loves us anyway. He loves us through our unworthiness. He loves us before we’re all shined up. He loves us even before we hit our “peak point”. See, God loves us when we’re in our rawest form. He loves to mold us and shape us into the person (or cookie if you will) that He has called us to be. 

Is that to say that He loves those less that would say they are at the peak point in their relationship with Christ? Absolutely not! Obviously, if you feel that you’re at the peak point with God then you must be doing something right. (Cue the Billy Currington for all the country music fans out there.) The point is that the Lord calls us to come to Him before we “have it all together” (if it’s even possible to ever have it all together). He doesn’t call us to come to Him as deliciously smelling, warm cookies on a beautiful silver platter. He calls us to come to Him at all points in our lives. We don’t have to pretend like we have it all together in front of God. He says I want you when you’re at your lowest, your highest and everywhere in between. 

“…But where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more…” Romans 5:20


Two Tips For Tuesday



Happy Tuesday! Every Tuesday I’m going to give you two lifestyle tips that you can incorporate into your own life that I have found beneficial to me. So, here we go:

  1. Free write for fifteen minutes everyday. This is something that I’ve recently found is SO helpful to me. It’s a great exercise to do at night before you go to bed or in the middle of the afternoon when you have a ton of things on your mind. Maybe you don’t like to write, but I want to encourage you to try this anyway. Even if the only word you can think about for fifteen minutes is “pizza” then write out the word pizza a thousand times. Don’t type on your computer for this but instead actually write with your hand. (Sounds like such an ancient practice, I know.) This helps me to free my brain of the million things that I think about each day. You’re going to be so surprised by the different thoughts that cross your mind in just a matter of minutes.
  2. Read everyday for thirty minutes straight. Now, for those of you who are avid readers this probably sounds like a breeze. I read for at least one hour each day. But, I want to encourage those of you who supposedly hate reading or don’t have enough time in their day to read to try this. You can choose any book you would like for this exercise. Just take the time to carve out thirty minutes of your day to invest in yourself. (It’s not a crime!)

Once you’ve tried one or both of these exercises today, comment on the post and tell me how it went!

Monday Motivation


Welcome to a brand new week! I’m so thankful for a clean slate every time Monday roles around. On the Fearless Journey we’ve reserved Mondays specifically for motivation and encouragement. Our God is a God of fresh starts. Every seven days we get a fresh start in the form of a new week. How our attitude is toward the week is crucial to how successful and productive our week is. One of my favorite Bible verses is Acts 20:24 it says, “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus – the work of telling the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”

This is such a great reminder that our most important job on earth isn’t our worldly vocation. As believers our most important work is to spread Jesus and to spread Jesus is to spread love. So, don’t just look at this week as a five day cycle of clocking in and out, but rather look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to do your REAL job which is to spread the Good News. It’s an opportunity to love people well and to serve those around you. Don’t miss it. 

Do one thing today that will make you happy. Whether it’s stopping at Starbucks to get your favorite seasonal coffee before work, going for a walk, wearing your favorite pair of shoes, taking a bubble bath, building something, or whatever your happy thing is. The point is to take an action of self love to set the week in a positive direction. Who said you can only treat yourself on weekends!?  


Welcome to The Fearless Journey Blog

Welcome to my blog, Fearless Journey! The fact that you hopped on over to my blog is probably because you’re searching. Maybe you’re searching for the purpose in your life, a friend, your calling, or some inspiration. The list could go on and on. Whatever your reason is for popping on over to the Fearless Faith blog, I’m so glad you did! 

Before we get into the juicy stuff, let me tell you a little about me, Annie Britt, the typist behind the blog. Here’s some on the surface fast facts about me; I’m a coffee addict, makeup junkie, shopaholic, and a fierce lover of books. I’m simply an average girl in the suburbs of North Carolina striving to use the talents given to me by an extraordinary God. (Hence this Fearless Faith blog.) On my own I have nothing to offer you but empty words on a useless webpage. I am only made useful when I have the freely given power of an Almighty Creator instilled inside of me. I need the fine tuning and cleansing of the Craftsman’s steady hand. Apart from God I’m just that average suburban girl in NC. 

You see, before I found my purpose in this life I first had to be reached in order to then be revived by a loving God. For Jesus to revive others I have to first let Him use me to reach others. I’m here to share the words that God lays on my heart and speaks into my life. My goal is to communicate the lessons that the Holy Spirit has whispered into my soul. I’m hear to share God’s messages so that others may be reached and then revived through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

If you’re looking to be radically encouraged and continually revived by a the Word of God, then I think this is right where you should be. This is the ultimate goal for the Fearless Faith blog. I am here not to take the credit for cleverly crafted blog posts but to allow God to use me to reach so that He can then revive those that encounter the Fearless Journey blog. 

Along with the lessons on faith and life in general, I’ll be sprinkling in some lifestyle and fashion tips, book reviews, and some side notes on whatever I’m enjoying and hooked on. Above all, I plan on being completely honest and real about everything that I share. 

If Fearless Journey sounds like something you want to lean into, then feel free to subscribe so you’ll have the chance to stay tuned for everything that’s going on around the Fearless Journey fam.  Thanks for leaning in!