Welcome to The Fearless Journey Blog

Welcome to my blog, Fearless Journey! The fact that you hopped on over to my blog is probably because you’re searching. Maybe you’re searching for the purpose in your life, a friend, your calling, or some inspiration. The list could go on and on. Whatever your reason is for popping on over to the Fearless Faith blog, I’m so glad you did! 

Before we get into the juicy stuff, let me tell you a little about me, Annie Britt, the typist behind the blog. Here’s some on the surface fast facts about me; I’m a coffee addict, makeup junkie, shopaholic, and a fierce lover of books. I’m simply an average girl in the suburbs of North Carolina striving to use the talents given to me by an extraordinary God. (Hence this Fearless Faith blog.) On my own I have nothing to offer you but empty words on a useless webpage. I am only made useful when I have the freely given power of an Almighty Creator instilled inside of me. I need the fine tuning and cleansing of the Craftsman’s steady hand. Apart from God I’m just that average suburban girl in NC. 

You see, before I found my purpose in this life I first had to be reached in order to then be revived by a loving God. For Jesus to revive others I have to first let Him use me to reach others. I’m here to share the words that God lays on my heart and speaks into my life. My goal is to communicate the lessons that the Holy Spirit has whispered into my soul. I’m hear to share God’s messages so that others may be reached and then revived through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

If you’re looking to be radically encouraged and continually revived by a the Word of God, then I think this is right where you should be. This is the ultimate goal for the Fearless Faith blog. I am here not to take the credit for cleverly crafted blog posts but to allow God to use me to reach so that He can then revive those that encounter the Fearless Journey blog. 

Along with the lessons on faith and life in general, I’ll be sprinkling in some lifestyle and fashion tips, book reviews, and some side notes on whatever I’m enjoying and hooked on. Above all, I plan on being completely honest and real about everything that I share. 

If Fearless Journey sounds like something you want to lean into, then feel free to subscribe so you’ll have the chance to stay tuned for everything that’s going on around the Fearless Journey fam.  Thanks for leaning in!