This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

What’s got you in a slump right now? What’s making you feel stuck? It seems as if our lives get so task-driven and we slowly and gradually get drawn into a slump. Of course, tasks aren’t always a bad thing. Goals are great and tasks are essential in life. But, in our first-world, westernized society it seems like we forget the importance of building relationships and seeking our true passions. I am guilty of this and I know that most of America is as well. Once we hit college graduation (maybe even before this) we stop dreaming. “Real life” gets in the way and suddenly we just have to have enough money in our bank accounts to pay the bills. In the meantime, dreams are put on hold and eventually fade away. 

We fill our schedules from eight a.m. all the way to bed time every single day. I had the following revelation over the weekend: How is God going to bless a path He didn’t call me to? How is He going to move in my life if I’m not intentional about seeking Him? How is He to move in your life if you’re not making your schedule according to Him? Of course He’s the Almighty and He can move anywhere at anytime despite any of the barriers we put up, but if we have a dream we have to first decide to obey and be faithful.  

Friend, the only way to set your dream in motion is by faith in Jesus. If what you have is a calling given to you by God then the only way to see it come to fruition is to step out. As cheesy as it may sound, you have to step out in faith. You have to do it afraid. You can’t wait until you’re not scared anymore because then it simply will never happen. 

Trust me, you’ll know if it’s a calling from God because you won’t be able to get away from it. It’ll stay right on top of your shoulder until you decide to come to your senses and obey. The Holy Spirit won’t let you run away. Pursuing your dreams isn’t a cute tagline that Walt Disney created. God set dreams and passions inside of each and every person when He so lovingly knit us together. Godly dreams and desires were meant to become a reality. The passion that stirs up inside you was meant to be acted upon. What if that passion you have is really a calling you’re sitting on? What if that dream is what is supposed to spark they journey God has called you to? First we have to obey and step out in faith. Whatever your dream, whatever your passion, step out today and do it afraid. 


Author: Annie Britt

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