Purpose Through The Struggle


What’s the thing that’s got you twisted and inside out right now? What’s the problem that’s eating away at your spirit? You know, that hurtful struggle that has sunk it’s teeth into you and latched on to every aspect of your life. I’m talking about that personal struggle you have. The one that you wouldn’t share with others if your life depended on it. You’d rather saw off your big toe than admit that struggle. That struggle that feels like it’s weighing down on you harder each second that ticks by. Yeah, that’s the one I’m getting at. 

Maybe it’s an addiction, heartache, feeling of rejection, health problem, failure, or whatever brand of struggle you have breathing down your back right now. But, listen reader, God has a purpose for that devilish struggle. He’s going to use it to turn your life around if you let Him. Sit down and ponder… and I mean really think. That meditative prayer kind of pondering. Maybe you just need to ask God what the heck His plan is for all of this pain? Sometimes He’ll give you an answer and sometimes (more often than not) He’ll push you to grow through the struggle. It’s quite possible (almost affirmative) that His plan is for you to grow closer to Him and teach you to fix your attentive wide eyed stare right up at Him rather than at your struggle. 

You don’t see the reason for the struggle but I can 100% tell you with a slap straight face that He knows. BIG BETS. He’s already weaved a purpose through your struggle. He already knows that outcome. And you ask why on earth won’t He share this with you? Because then you’d have the opportunity to say no. God is a God of action and He’d rather let you experience the flourishing purpose that is going to come out of your struggle. 

Instead of asking God to take you out of your hardship, ask Him to prepare you for the purpose. Ask Him to get you excited about the strength that He is growing in you because there is a purpose for that struggle.

Author: Annie Britt

Author of fearlessjourney.blog.

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