Good Conversation With A Good God

This morning God and I had one of the best conversations that we’ve ever had together. I’d like to think it was two-sided, but honestly I did most of the talking and He did a lot of listening. Isn’t it amazing that God already knows every single thing that’s going on in our lives but He chooses to listen anyway? That’s right, He CHOOSES to listen to our requests and rants when He could simply dismiss us.

I’ve had so many girls come to me discouraged because their prayer life is bland. They don’t know how to pray and they don’t know what to pray about. In fact, they had almost given up on prayer altogether because they got distracted during their conversations with God and no longer saw a point in it at all. This made me sad, but I realized that I was in the same boat. I typically think that prayer is the hardest part of my relationship with God. How ridiculous is this considering prayer is our most prominent line of communication with God. My mind is terrible about getting distracted when I’m talking to Him and I know that it’s the enemy trying to break up our communication.

This morning I realized it’s okay to get distracted. It’s okay if my mind wanders off for a few seconds. Think about it. In our daily conversations with other people there are times when our minds wander off. Maybe even sometimes our eyes glaze over and we look like we’re on Mars. The point is that God knows we’re human. He knows we all have a little bit of ADHD in us. What was different about my conversation with Him this morning is that I decided I wasn’t going to let the enemy break up my conversation. In fact, the enemy’s goal is to distract you which leads to discouragement that will make you quit.

I didn’t worry about the words I chose or how theologically educated I sounded. I just talked to Him. Sure, I my mind wandered a little bit at times, but I didn’t get discouraged. I picked up where I left off (as best I could) in my conversation. Don’t be discouraged by distractions. All Jesus wants is His time with you and He wants you to tell Him EVERYTHING.

Author: Annie Britt

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