Disappointment Happens

Everyone’s been disappointed at some point in their life. It’s so easy to be let down by other people. Sometimes it feels like people continually let you down. Disappointment can be a domino effect. The enemy will put little road blocks of disappointment in your life to make you feel like everything is falling apart. He’ll do anything to make you give up. Failing is falling into the enemy’s illusion that disappointment comes from God. God didn’t create disappointment, we did in Genesis three. Disappointment comes from man and not from God. God never disappoints or discourages. Satan will do whatever it takes to demolish you, but on the other hand Jesus will do whatever it takes for you to flourish. 

The enemy wants you to put all of your eggs in one earthly basket. He wants you to put all of your hope in human beings rather than God. Why is this? Because he knows in the end you’ll be disappointed by that human being. Satan is so desperate, he will twist the good intentions of others to lead you away from the Lord. We get so discouraged because we put all of our eggs in one basket. We put all of our hope in that pastor, parent, boss, friend, or leader and in the end we come up discouraged because we’ve been let down. The only time it’s acceptable to put all of your eggs in one basket is when that basket is Jesus. God is the only one that will never fail you. He’ll never let you down or walk away. You’ll never come up disappointed when all of your hope is put in Him. 

Author: Annie Britt

Author of fearlessjourney.blog.

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