Two Tips For Tuesday

Get a prayer journal. If you’re like me then you have the hardest time concentrating during prayer. I’ve never had problems with ADHD, in fact I normally concentrate really well. The enemy will do anything he can to wreck your time with the Lord. He loves to distract us and send our mind soaring off to lala land when we’re trying to concentrate on God. Lately, I’ve had the hardest time praying because my mind is constantly jumping to other distractions. I’ve noticed that writing down my prayers helps me so much. Sometimes I write my prayer down in a letter format, but sometimes I just list out the things I want to talk to God about. This always helps me to stay on track during my prayer time.

Sit up straight. Okay, I know this tip has nothing to do with having a prayer journal, but I think it’s super important. Your posture affects you more mentally and physically than you may realize. Sitting up straight and holding your shoulders back can greatly improve your overall mood. I’m guilty of slouching just as much as the next person, but I’m telling you that this really improves how you feel. But, in order for sitting up straight to have a positive affect you have to do it consistently, make it a habit. 

Author: Annie Britt

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