Achieving Availability

A lot of times we look at the word “available” like a bad word. Society has somehow misconstrued the word as a negative adjective. Sometimes we feel like being available is almost like a death sentence. The western culture has become so isolated. A sense of community is no longer wanted and seems to be deemed unimportant. People would rather be left alone than have to communicate and build relationships with others. Family has lost their sense of togetherness. Family gatherings and celebrations are no longer made a priority as they once were. Somewhere along the way society has told its people that we don’t need one another. 

We no longer want to make ourselves available and vulnerable to others including our family. No more do people live for one another, but instead we selfishly live for ourselves. As for Christians, this is the complete opposite of how we’re supposed to live. We aren’t called to live for the convenience of ourselves but rather for the convenience of others. Of course, there are boundaries and exceptions that must be made because we can’t do something for others that defies or goes against God. In other words, we’re called to live to serve others. Jesus calls us to die to ourselves in order to live for Him and others. “Then he said to them all, ‘if anyone wants to follow after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.’” (Luke 9:23) A lot of times when this verse is preached on, we forget that following Jesus also means serving others. Jesus made His whole purpose of life about others and so should we. 

Lately, God has laid on my hear just how important it is to serve others and how the modern Church has abandoned that concept. So, from now all the way to Easter I’m going to be talking about what the Bible says about practically serving others and what it can look like in your life and mine!

Author: Annie Britt

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