The Key To Success

In the world’s eyes the word “servant” is a disgusting and almost dehumanizing role. Some of the words associated with “servant” are poor, invalid, low class, and peasant, etc. When people think of the word “servant” they often times think of a slave. As Christians when we hear the word servant the next word we should think is Jesus. Jesus’ whole purpose in life was to serve. He took the posture of a common slave and washed the feet of His own followers and most importantly completed the ultimate act of serving by carrying all of our sins to the cross and suffering in our place. There are no words that could ever describe the magnificence of Jesus’ servitude. It’s hard to even wrap our minds around it fully. Literally, our human minds don’t have the capacity to understand this act of love. This is where faith comes in. We have to have faith to fill in the deficiencies of our minds. 

Secular society is constantly shouting at us to climb to the top and don’t worry about the people you hurt on the way up. There’s a difference between climbing to the top and being set on top by God. One way is biblical and one way is not. The Lord wants us to succeed, but the world’s version of success is quite different than God’s. The modern day Church gets this mixed up more times than I can count. The prosperity gospel is on the rise, but let me tell you if you are a Christian your prosperity is not found on this earth. The prosperity that Jesus has stored up for us in Heaven is leaps and bounds better than any fancy car, house, luxury vacation, or fat bank account that we could accumulate on earth. So how do we get this prosperity?

The only way we will succeed on this earth is through servitude that is carried out in the love of Jesus. Jesus commanded His followers to feed the sheep. In other words, He calls us to serve the people. Let me encourage you to serve the sheep in 2019. Serve and love people like Jesus and His followers did throughout the whole New Testament. See people through the eyes of Jesus. All throughout His life Jesus saw the needs of people and He met them. That is the key to success. 

John 6:27 “Don’t work for food that spoils but for the food that lasts for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you, because God the Father has set His seal of approval on Him.” 

Author: Annie Britt

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2 thoughts on “The Key To Success”

  1. Very well said. Also the secular community says do it now, climb faster as soon as possible. Jesus teaches us to practice patience. I love reading your words daily. Not only does it stir a response in my heart, but gives me a little extra encouragement. Love ya!

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