How I Study The Bible

Studying the Bible can seem like a really intimidating subject. The Bible is so rich and full of information, history, and lessons that it’s easy to not even know where to start. I’ve tried a lot of personal Bible study methods, but my favorite one comes from the one and only Anne Graham Lotz. In the video I’ve attached of her below explaining the method, she gives great advice on how to dig deep into Scripture. I love it because it’s simple and raw. You don’t need any extra resources or tools (even though these can be very useful at times). Here’s the study method from Anne Graham Lotz that I use in my personal Bible study each morning:

All you’ll need is a Bible, pen, journal, (you can add a highlighter if you prefer).

  1. Write out the few verses that you want to dig deeper into.
  2. Write out facts from the verses.
  3. Write out lessons that can be taken from each fact.
  4. Then ask yourself what these verses mean for your life. Draw questions from the lessons.
  5. Write out takeaways from each verse.


Author: Annie Britt

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