Two Tips For Tuesday

Let’s talk fashion! This week’s Tuesday tips are all about style.

My goal with my fashion sense is to keep my style as unique to me as possible. I wear what I like and what I feel comfortable and pretty in whether it’s on the mainstream fashion list or not. The best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to fashion and the clothes you wear is to stay true to yourself. So, what I post on here may not exactly fit in with the hot trends out there, but that’s okay because who really wants to be lost in a sea of boring anyway? When our goal is to fit in then we aren’t really seeking to express ourselves but to express what we think others want to see. That isn’t my goal in any avenue of life.

Here’s two pieces that I’m really into this season.

  1. Oversized Sweaters. I LOVE oversized sweaters and sweatshirts. These are great to throw on with skinny jeans and leggings with some boots for everyday wear during the cold winter months. Oversized sweaters have been my go-to so far this season. (Not to mention they help hide the unwanted couple of pounds gained from holiday festivities.)


Unknown-3          Unknown-2

2. Tapered Trousers. Lately, I have been obsessed with trousers. This sounds super old fashioned but I think they look so classic and timeless. Maybe it’s just my old soul getting tired of jeans and leggings all the time or the fact that I’ve been obsessed with the Netflix series, Call The Midwife, lately. These are great because they’re so universal. You can dress tapered trousers up or go for a casual look in them.

images Unknown-4 images-2


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