Calling All Cookie Dough Lovers… And Everyone Else

If you know me, you know I’m a foodie. (How twenty-first century of me, I know.) I LOVE food. Go on, judge all you want. One of my guilty pleasures is eating raw cookie dough. Most of the time I’d rather have the cookie dough than the actual baked cookies. I love the softness and then the crunch of the chocolate chips that are sprinkled throughout….mmmm… Anyway, sometimes I’m just too impatient to wait for the cookies to actually bake before devouring them. Sometimes I actually plan on eating the cookie dough when I buy it. 

Okay, so what’s with all this cookie dough talk? The point of cookie dough is that it’s raw. It hasn’t hit it’s peak point, which would be when it’s done baking. I enjoy cookie dough before it hits its peak point. I feel like this is how God delights in His people. Especially those who are new believers or those who have strayed from God. It’s so easy for us to feel unworthy- which we are. But, the beautiful thing about God is that He loves us anyway. He loves us through our unworthiness. He loves us before we’re all shined up. He loves us even before we hit our “peak point”. See, God loves us when we’re in our rawest form. He loves to mold us and shape us into the person (or cookie if you will) that He has called us to be. 

Is that to say that He loves those less that would say they are at the peak point in their relationship with Christ? Absolutely not! Obviously, if you feel that you’re at the peak point with God then you must be doing something right. (Cue the Billy Currington for all the country music fans out there.) The point is that the Lord calls us to come to Him before we “have it all together” (if it’s even possible to ever have it all together). He doesn’t call us to come to Him as deliciously smelling, warm cookies on a beautiful silver platter. He calls us to come to Him at all points in our lives. We don’t have to pretend like we have it all together in front of God. He says I want you when you’re at your lowest, your highest and everywhere in between. 

“…But where sin multiplied, grace multiplied even more…” Romans 5:20


Author: Annie Britt

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